I don’t normally leave reviews but will make an exception in this case. I had a two-hour session with Jamie and it was certainly time well spent. I woke up the next day feeling loose and relaxed, with none of the normal stiffness I have in my back. Jamie’s style is unique, it combines deep relaxation with genuine muscle repair and movement. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would certainly go back. 10/10. Jack

What a wonderful experience. One of the best massages I’ve had in my life (and I’ve had a lot). Jamie’s experience paired with intuition makes him an expert bodyworker. On top of that, he is a really nice human who makes you feel completely at ease. I can’t recommend him enough. A truly healing experience. Thank you. Asha

Jamie is a skilled therapist with a calm attitude, great touch, and an open mind. I found him to be very open to discover whatever the needs of my body were on that particular day. Either after i did a lot of sports, I had a particular ache or I was just a little stressed and needed some relaxation. I always felt listened to and treated carefully, just right. Jamie learned with the best teachers in Thailand and has an open attitude to learn the newest developments in his field, this is an attitude, being a therapist myself for a long time, I value a lot. He truly deserves your business. Thank You, Jamie. Thai bodywork Berlin

I have been receiving Thai massages for approx 13 years, across Australia and Thailand. Without a doubt Jamie’s Thai yoga massage is world-class. Jamie takes his time and doesn’t treat you like another 1-hour number. He works on those parts that require attention. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Not only is it a massage, it’s a stretch and realignment of the whole body. Jamie has this sense of knowing how much pressure is required at different body parts especially those parts that require attention. Do the 1.5 hours it’s amazing, time well spent. Thomas

 Highly recommend Jamie’s unique and flowing style of massage. Great if you’re feeling stuck and stagnant in your body or mind. In general, he’s just a lovely guy, selfless and really desiring to serve. Lalita

‘I visited Jamie with a very sore body from an accident I recently had and enjoyed an amazing massage experience. He was able to release tension and knots my physio hadn’t been able to work with and I felt a physical and an energetic shift. Jamie is very good at his craft and I want to highly recommend his skillful caring healing massage service. The next morning after a great night’s sleep I felt taller and truly invigorated. The next week I went for my usual chiropractor visit and she couldn’t believe the change in my body and I had less painful manipulations so I was very happy. Thanks, Jamie!’ Vicki

Jamie’s Thai massage is amazing! I am actually quite wary of Thai massage after having had one in Thailand years ago that was way too strong. I have some chronic spinal issues after an old car injury, but I felt completely comfortable to describe my specific body condition to Jamie and he tailored the massage accordingly and made it much more gentle for me. The stretch with the massage provides a great opening in the body and the location and music all added to complete relaxation. Thank you, Jamie! You’re such a sweetheart! Emma

‘Highly recommend this amazing bodywork… deep sessions and so many wonderful benefits I have received from my sessions with Jamie. And believe me, I have experienced a LOT of different therapies and massage over the years managing scoliosis and painful musculoskeletal injuries. Thanks, Jamie!!’   Sally

‘Jamie recently gave me one of the most thoroughly effective massages I’ve ever had. The next day I had a full range of motion in my knee that I’d injured years before. It was wonderful! I had to run to the mirror to witness my funky dance moves again! I’m so happy to highly recommend Jamie. Your body will love and adore his nurturance’. Kas

‘I was very fortunate to receive a Thai massage from Jamie. He intuitively works on a deep level while adjusting pressure to my needs and liking. I was very tired and run down when he came to my rescue. His massage took most of my acute shoulder and neck pain away and made my whole body feel amazing. My body felt better immediately after and my energy levels increased over the next days. I felt so much more in balance after his treatment and would like to highly recommend him to anyone. I loved how flexible he was coming into my home and working around my kids. What a great way to relax. If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain or feel like you need a jump start – get in touch with Jamie.’ Sandra Colley

‘Thank you for a wonderful massage! I can definitely highly recommended Jamie’s Thai yoga massage and will be using him on a regular basis.
He worked very intuitively and I could sense it was not a one size fits all massage. He is very careful with attention to detail and managed to find all the right places, some niggly areas that I didn’t even know were holding tension! He accessed beyond the physical realm into deeper energetic body leaving me feeling rejuvenated for days following. I felt a deep sense of relaxation and ease in my body.’ 

I particularly appreciated the home visit as I didn’t have to rush away at the end and could fully soak up the benefits of the massage.
My body felt like I had done a yoga practice without lifting a finger!
Thank you!’  Jasmine

‘Thanks, Jamie for your excellent Thai Yoga Massages! Your professionalism and skills are to be commended! I felt the beneficial results on each occasion and enjoyed the relaxing techniques you carefully applied. I also noted that you have extended your personal knowledge and experience in further educational courses in Thailand. I am impressed! I would happily recommend you to anyone seeking to improve their health and well being.’ Helen

 ‘Jamie gives an excellent massage which leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and re-balanced in your body and also energetically. He has a lot of knowledge and experience and is gifted to work intuitively towards healing on many levels. Also, his mobile massage service makes it very easy as he comes to you and brings a massage mat-it’s great not having to drive home afterward. I highly recommend him!’ Dominique

Jamie’s massage left me relaxed and energized relieved tension and rebalanced my posture. It’s great to have gentle movement incorporated for circulation and stretching, and gets into joints to alleviate aches. Jamie is very responsive and tailors the massage to your preferences. Sarah

‘Jamie is a very intuitive masseuse. I absolutely loved the massage and recommend him. I particularly like the home option, as I can completely relax afterward’. Alex

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